Our Senior Management Team


Michael Moonesinghe

Michael has worked in International recruitment and Human Capital Consulting since 1989.  He has advised many companies on their recruitment and management development strategies.   Michael has worked across many different sectors and geographies in the world and his open and honest consultative style has been welcomed by companies, big and small.  “I am useless as A N Other supplier!  -I ask too many awkward questions!  But I excel when working with clients in true consultative partnership relationships.  This way we get to add real value to a business, to not only compete effectively on the international stage – but to win!”

Michael was born and educated in The UK.  Both his parents are Sri Lankan –although they both now live in Spain.  He is married and has 2 grown up daughters.

He is absolutely passionate about delivering excellence in Customer Care and has worked with a number of companies in improving their customer service delivery and helping them to create that unique “Excellence Culture” in their businesses.

Pooja Hettiarachchi

I joined Glover Daniels 5 years ago. I am the Client Relationship Manager and also head up the Life Sciences Division. I have worked my way up through the ranks from Research Associate to Operations Manager to my current position as Client Relationship Manager. I have had the opportunity of learning so much and have grown to love this company. Whilst working here I have been able to get both my Bachelors and my Master’s degrees.

My current role enables me to do exactly what I love; travelling the world, meeting new people from different cultures and helping them solve their business challenges.

The supportive culture at Glover Daniels has enabled me to achieve goals far beyond my wildest dreams. I have been given challenges and responsibilities based on my abilities and efforts and have not been restricted by my age. I am now part of the senior management team and I’m proud to be trusted to take this company forward.

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Monaka Shashed Perumal

When I joined Glover Daniels I was 19 and just out of school. Just like the others I initially joined as a Research Associate. When I was called in for an interview I was expecting the same old boring interview, instead it was different and I was involved in many fun activities and met many new friends. I was promoted after a year as a Team Manager and after 3 years I am now an Account Director, managing three teams and some of our very important clients.

My maturity and passion has grown immensely as I was given many incredible opportunities to grow as an individual, where as many companies would not even hire someone without a degree.

Michael showed me that I do not need a degree or a Masters to progress in this company. I am proud to be a part of the team that will take this company forward.

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Allan Robinson Paul

I joined Glover Daniels in 2011 and I am now an Account Director responsible for several large accounts. To date I have led multiple searches across different business sectors, including FMCG, defence, IT, social media, construction, pharmaceutical, finance and facilities management. The knowledge that I have gathered in the last 4 years is invaluable and I’ve enjoyed every minute of working as part of a team with such high quality standards.

I always knew that I wanted to be a big fish in a small pond; I wanted to run part of a company and get to make the big decisions. I am here doing that now, sitting alongside others who have been given the responsibility of taking this company forward. I am truly proud.

Another great thing about work at Glover Daniels is the great social life. It’s been a great experience, the culture we have built is very different and a great one to come to work in everyday.

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