Why Glover Daniels

Flexible and creative solutions

We work best in effective partnership relationships with our clients to ensure total customer satisfaction. To prove our confidence, we will only send you our invoice at the end of the project, once you tell us that you are totally satisfied. There’s no upfront financial risk on your side – that’s how confident we are in delivering Excellence on every project!

Cost Saving

Working in 4 man project teams, we are able to successfully complete research assignments in a fraction of the usual time, which can save you as much as 75% of typical freelance researcher costs. As well as being significantly faster to deliver accurate and verified results, we have found that four brains are certainly better than one and our team model is often much more thorough than a single researcher working alone.

Central Location

Centrally located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we are always 5.5 hours ahead of GMT, placing us exactly midway between London and Sydney and just 2.5 hours behind Hong Kong and Singapore and 1.5 hours ahead of Dubai. This puts us in the perfect location to support our clients all over the world.

Transparency and Accountability

Each assignment is managed by an experienced Project Manager who will act as your single Point Of Contact. Our Operations Manager, who has been with us for over 5 years, and oversees every assignment in our Total Quality Management environment. We don’t recycle other people’s data and we share our full research report at the end of every project, as very often people identified might also be suitable for other positions or as useful sources of information.

We believe in being totally accountable for the quality and accuracy of our work. We will keep you constantly updated about your assignment. Just a few hours into your search, your dedicated Project Manager will send you a number of ‘sense check’ profiles to ensure that we have fully understood your brief and to confirm on the right track. This gives you peace of mind that your research investment is in safe hands.

Interim reports and progress updates can be sent as frequently as required and/or discussed in regular review calls. Our final reports can be customised to allow for quick and easy uploading into your own specific system and can also be delivered in a variety of formats and as frequently as required.